About ABC BookWorld

www.abcbookworld.com is a public service project to help spread awareness of the literary activity in British Columbia, Canada's province with the highest per capita book reading rate in the country.

This free, public reference site is a separately-operated offshoot of B.C. BookWorld, the quarterly newspaper established in 1987. Visit www.bcbookworld.com for information about that newspaper.

If you're an author who has just published a new book, and you already have an entry on this site, please let us know the title, publisher and year of your recent publication so we can augment your entry. Non-self-promotional language is required for all submissions. Our email address is .

This is not how I make my living. Some days it's a labour of love; other days it's a pain in the neck. But mostly it's been a pleasure to download my brain, resurrect the contents of bygone BCBW issues, encourage the accumulation of articles and essays to preserve British Columbia literary history, gather author photos, share our files with the public and hopefully generate more knowledge of the people who have put the best of themselves into their books.

We have continuously expanded this database since 2003. As far as we know, there is no site in the rest of Canada that comes close to the breadth and depth of this one, probably because nobody would be crazy enough to work for free for so long. But we now realize that this site has a readership that will soon eclipse the readership of our newspaper, so we're beginning to feel sane about it.

We act as gatekeepers. We reserve the right to edit or restrict materials. In compiling the site, we are continually correcting inadvertent errors made by those who came before us. It's logical, given the plethora of dates and odd spellings of names, we'll occasionally present some inaccuracies, too. Making literary history is a cumulative process so we cannot take full responsibility for any errors. We encourage authors and/or their publishers or family representatives to augment entries by providing suggestions for corrections, alterations, as necessary.

Siavash Miri of SFU Library engineered this site for us in 2008 after Todd Holbrook laid the technical foundations for our original BC Author Bank in 2003. The site has been "re-simplified" to its current format in 2009 with the assistance of Martin Twigg and Andre Liem. We are grateful to SFU Library's Lynn Copeland for giving us the green light. And the ongoing involvement of Pacific BookWorld News Society has been essential to maintaining our spirits and public service resolve.

Finally, thanks to more than 9,000 authors who have written books for, about and from British Columbia.

   -- Alan Twigg, publisher, webservant