SNOEK, Nicholas P.

Nicholas P. Snoek is a Dutch Canadian with a philosophical bent. He grew up in British Columbia, Canada. He is a graduate from the University of British Columbia with honors in English, and has taught first year college English and philosophy. He is the author of The Great Chain on Urantia (Trafford 2011), a self-published work.

[BCBW 2011]

Urantia the Earth-The Origin of It All: Exploratory Journeys In The Urantia Book
Publisher's Promo (2011)

We live in a much smaller world than did our ancestors,” notes author Nicholas P. Snoek. “The generation and communication of ever more and ever more objectively exact information is overwhelming in speed, scope and accessibility. No longer bound by accident of history, we are able to explore alternative narratives.” In his new book Urantia the Earth-The Origin of It All: Exploratory Journeys In The Urantia Book (published by Trafford Publishing), Snoek explores a 50-year-old text to deliver an analysis of human potential.

In 1955 The Urantia Book appeared, a 2,100 page phenomenon. It is a heavy read which details to readers how they came to be and what they may become. Some ¾ of a million copies of the book have been sold and it is being published in fifteen languages. Highly influenced by the work, Snoek seeks to continue the book’s expansion into world culture by offering a synoptic philosophical examination of its contents.

“The purpose of Urantia the Earth-The Origin of It All is to help make it more negotiable, more user-friendly,” says Snoek. “This is not a dumbing-down exercise; this book is a reading aid, challenging enough in itself.”

Snoek’s own experience of reading and rereading The Urantia Book inspired him to write this reading aid. “I had the desire to help people accept that a more philosophical approach to life could be helpful.”

-- Trafford Publishing