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What can you do to make your workplace more environmentally friendly and safe? From office products to furniture to recycling, Jill Doucette’s Greening Your Office (Self-Counsel, 2015), offers advice about sustainable office practices that use less energy, reduce waste and save money. With a focus on “People, Planet and Profit,” learn how to implement affordable and simple strategies that will reduce your office’s carbon footprint, create a healthier work environment and increase employee morale.

Lee Johnson is the program manager of the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification Program, run under the not-for profit Synergy Sustainability Institute. The program was created to acknowledge businesses that are reducing their environmental impact. For businesses, the program is a guide to greening their operations; for consumers, the program identifies businesses following green practices.


Greening Your Office: Strategies that Work (Self-Counsel Press, 2015) $12.95 9781770402089 (authored by Jill Doucette, photography by Lee Johnson)

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