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As a freelance adventure writer Mary L. Peachin spends her time sport fishing or scuba diving when she isnít traveling between the seven continents. In†Sport Fishing in British Columbia, author Mary L. Peachin calls upon her expertise and forty years of angling experience to provide a practical guide for salt and fly fishing anglers exploring BC.†

This guide features accommodation options for luxury destination lodges to self-contained independent anglers. Detailed information of fish species, techniques, where to go and what to take are also included in this guide. Peachin hopes to motivate new and seasoned anglers alike to look for the perfect match as she shows readers how well BCís sport fishing integrates with the province's†magnificent environment.

Tidal sport fishing in BC produces $642 million in annual sales, pays $150 million in wages and benefits, creates more than 8,400 jobs and 3,950 person-years of employment and contributes $144 million to the provinceís Gross Domestic Product, according to a recent study for the BC Seafood Alliance. The largest economic driver in all BC fisheries is sport fishery, despite the fact that anglers take 15% of the annual halibut catch and less than 10% of annual salmon harvest.


Sport Fishing in British Columbia (Peachin Adventure 2016) ISBN 978-0991198146, $19.75 (paperback), $9.99 (ebook), $37.95 (four-colour printed version)

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