BROWN, Satya

Satya Brown arrived in Cuba at age twenty in 1962. It was her unplanned meeting with Fidel Castro that prompted him to invite her father, Fred Brown, to bring his family to Cuba and start a philosophy department at the University of Havana. She ended up living in Cuba for seventeen years. Her memoir My Cuban Revolution: How Fidel Castro Changed My Life (Self-published / Createspace / RealLifePress 2016) traces her observations and adventures setting up a household, working as a teacher, attending the University of Havana, graduating as a physician and marrying a Cuban. "She experiences the Cuban hopes, challenges, successes and failures of the passionate young people who set out to improve their society. She laughed with them, she cried with them, but always knew that she could return to Canada." Satya Brown left Cuba in 1979, remarried and practiced medicine for thirty years in B.C where she now lives. in Vancouver, as a retired physician deeply concerned about climate change.

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