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An outdoors writer since 1975, Bob Jones spent 26 years pursuing a military career, which allowed him to travel and fish throughout much of Canada and Central Europe. Wherever he traveled he made friends who shared his love of fishing, among them General Sir Charles Loewen, former adjutant general of the British Army, and Takeshi (Ken) Kaiko, one of Japan' most famous novelists and a popular TV personality. A past president and life member of the Outdoor Writers of Canada, Jones has received two of that organization's highest honours: The Pete McGillen Award for service to the OWC, and the Jack Davis Mentor's Award for his assistance to new and developing writers.

Jones, a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America and The Writers' Union of Canada, is the author of several books and a contributing editor to about a dozen. A Compendium of Canadian Fly Patterns (Gale’s End Press), co-written with Paul C. Marriner, is an 8˝ x 11-inch, 260-page, full colour, spiral bound hardcover edition that was completed as a volunteer fund raiser for the Youth Branch of Fly Fishing Canada (six years in the making), marketed by mail and Internet. Since 1980, Jones has received 20 awards for excellence in writing. Jones is the editor of Island Fisherman magazine and Fly Fishing Canada Publishing. He resides in Courtenay, B.C., with Vera, his wife, who is also a writer and editor.

CITY/TOWN: Courtenay, BC

DATE OF BIRTH: Oct 4, 1935



AWARDS: 20 writing awards since 1980


1984: Make Your Own Fishing Tackle, Maclean Hunter
1995: Tangled Lines and Patched Waders, Horsdal & Schubart
1997: Warped Rods and Squeaky Reels, Horsdal & Schubart
Island Halibut Fisherman (Harbour 2007). With Larry E. Stefanyk.
Island Salmon Fisherman (Harbour 2008). With Larry E. Stefanyk


1991: Flyfishing Strategies for Stillwaters by Brian Chan 1992: West Coast: Homeland of Mist by Carol Evans
1993: Artist at Large: Alaska by Sue Colman
1999: The Psychological Origins of the Resurrection Myth by Rev. Jack Kent
2000: Ralph Shaw's Vancouver Island Adventures by Ralph Shaw
2001: Fly Fishing Canada - From Coast to Coast to Coast
2002: The Essential Guide to Fly Fishing in British Columbia
2002: My Outdoors by Steve Galea
2003: Lake Fly Fishing Strategies by Bob Sheedy
2003: Bob Sheedy's Top 50 Stillwater Fly Patterns by Bob Sheedy
2005: Evasive Action by Michael Fedoruk as told to Ernie Fedoruk
2006: Island Fly Fisherman (Harbour), with Larry E. Stefanyk
2006: A Compendium of Canadian Fly Patterns (Gale’s End Press). With Paul C. Marriner. To order, visit or send cheque or Money Order for $58.25 to: Gale’s End Press, 103 Mader's Cove Road, RR 1, Mahone Bay, NS
B0J 2E0. Price includes postage and GST. ISBN 0-9733383-4-2

[BCBW 2008] "Fishing"

Warped Rods and Squeaky Reels (H&S $14.95)

In Warped Rods and Squeaky Reels (H&S $14.95), Robert H. Jones finds himself in funny fishing situations around the world from Canada to Cuba. It's a follow up to his Tangled Lines and Patched Waders which won the Outdoor Writers of Canada Best Book of the Year Award.

[BCBW 1997]

A Compendium of Canadian Fly Patterns

Fly tiers know there are always things to be learned from other tiers. This
book helps by providing photographs and recipes for more than 1,600 flies
created specifically for Canadian waters. Long-serving standards like the
Carey Special are here, as are more recent patterns like the Bow River
Bugger, and ultra-snazzy flies like Phil Milburn’s Salmonfly Adult. Fly
tiers are an inquisitive lot, always trying to peek over other tiers’
shoulders to see what they’re up to. It shows you what Canadian tiers have
been up to for the last hundred years or so.

-- Jim McLennan, Editor at Large - Fly Fisherman, author of Fly Fishing Western
Trout Streams, Trout Streams of Alberta, and Blue Ribbon Bow.

A must-have pattern book for Canadian waters. Many patterns are simple
enough for beginners to master while others would challenge the more
experienced. For the latter, an appendix offers detailed instructions. Laid
out by target species and provincially identified, the contents are
accessible. It is the next best thing to having a local guide’s fly box at
your disposal.

-- Elliott Deighton is an award-winning tier and instructor who writes for
several publications.

This will certainly generate excitement with all fly fishers and tiers,
whether beginners or seasoned veterans. Jones and Marriner have done an
incredible job in assembling well over a thousand fly patterns that were
originally designed for fishing Canadian waters. Patterns for almost every
fish species sought in fresh or saltwater, from the Pacific to Atlantic
coasts, are presented in full colour and with accompanying recipes. Patterns
using more specialized techniques are covered in detail within a special
appendix. The vast diversity of patterns will also provide innovative tiers
unlimited ideas for improving their own creations. This is a must-have book!

-- Brian Chan, a columnist for Fly Fishing & Tying Journal and The Canadian Fly
Fisher, has produced numerous videos and authored or co-authored several

Rounding up alley cats with a leaf blower would have been much easier than
putting this book together, yet the authors did one heck of a job... on the
book, not the cats. I have absolutely no hesitation, doubts or qualms about
recommending this book as it’s spot-on. Every fly fisher should own a copy
because it’s simply that good, plus the flies are productive.

-- Ian Colin James is a professional fly tier, guide, and author of Fumbling
with a Flyrod.

In angling, experience is everything. It can neither be contrived nor
rushed. Indeed, it can only be gathered by an investment of thousands of
hours astream and at the fly-tying vise. To invest time away from the stream
in order to proffer the benefits of such experience to complete strangers
has become the stock in trade of Marriner and Jones. It is a most generous
gesture. Featuring 1,600+ patterns from 300+ tiers, this national effort is
unique in the literature of fly fishing and deserves a place in every fly
fisher’s home.

-- Jim Gourlay is the publisher and editor of Eastern Woods & Waters and
Saltscapes magazines.

Many patterns covered are unique, designed for Canadian waters, but tested
and found effective throughout the world. These recipes should be part of
the library of every fly tier, no matter where they live. Their greatest
value is revealed when the revenues generated from book sales are used to
further fly fishing prospects for youth and conservation issues throughout
the country.

-- Bob Sheedy, author of Bob Sheedy’s Top Fifty Stillwater Fly Patterns and Bob
Sheedy’s Lake Fly Fishing Strategies.