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John Lekich is a veteran Vancouver freelance journalist who has turned his hand to books for teenagers. He is also a screenwriter, a film critic and the co-author of a book about former Premier Mike Harcourt's remarkable recovery from life-threatening injuries sustained from a fall, Plan B: One Man's Journey from Tragedy to Triumph (Wiley, 2004). Lekich has a B.Ed. from UBC and has taught high school English. His young adult novel about bullying, The Losers' Club (Annick 2002), was shortlisted for the Sheila Egoff Prize and a Governor General's Award. It was also chosen as Book of the Year (Foreward Magazine) and received the Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award, the Canadian Library Association - Young Adult Canadian Book Award and the Best Books for Young Adults Award. In the same year he published The Savvy Teen's Guide to Great Movies (Annick, 2002). His novel King of the Lost and Found (Raincoast, 2007) was followed by The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls (Orca 2012), a finalist for the Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize awarded to the best non-illustrated book written for children by a B.C. author.


The Losers' Club (Annick 2002)
The Savvy Teen's Guide to Great Movies (Annick, 2002)
Plan B: One Man's Journey from Tragedy to Triumph (Wiley, 2004)
King of the Lost and Found (Raincoast, 2007) $11.95 978-1-55192-802-9
The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls (Orca, 2012). 978-1-55469-978-0 $12.95

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The Loser’s Club (Annick)

John Lekich’s The Loser’s Club (Annick) was shortlisted for Book of the Year by the LA-based book mag ForeWord, The White Pine Award, Canadian Library Association’s YA Book of the Year and the Manitoba Young Reader’s Choice Award. Most recently The Losers’ Club was nominated for the best Young Adult Book of 2004 by the American Library Association. Foreign rights have been sold to Macmillan in the UK and Bayard Jeunesse in France. 1-55037-752-3


The Loser’s Club (Annick $10.95), Reel Adventures (Annick $10.95)

“Winston must have held the grade-nine record for being stuffed into his locker. He refers to it as his ‘tin can condo.’ He even has a pillow in there with a special loop so it can hang on a coat hook—just in case the janitor takes a little longer than usual with the hacksaw.”

But for kids like Winston, there’s hope. Nicknamed ‘Savior Sherwood.’ Alex Sherwood has taken it upon himself to defend all the kids being bullied, robbed and generally made to feel miserable in John Lekich’s teen novel The Loser’s Club (Annick $10.95).

Also by Lekich is Reel Adventures (Annick $10.95). With succinct write-ups and theme summaries, the teen movie guide covers films from Harry Potter to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Complete with an index, it features gossip about Hollywood actors, such as this tidbit about Jim Carrey: “For years, the struggling comedian kept a cheque in his wallet, which he had made out to himself for the amount of $20 million. He reportedly stopped carrying the cheque around the time he actually earned $20 million from The Cable Guy.” John Lekich lives in Vancouver.

Loser 1-55037-752-3; Reel 1-55037-735-3