Author Tags: Fishing

CITY/TOWN: Vancouver, BC

DATE OF BIRTH: December 28, 2003

PLACE OF BIRTH: Port Alberni, BC


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Executive Director of the Pacific Sablefish Association, Retired Commercial Fisherman,

BOOKS: Dead Fish and Fat Cats: A No-Nonsense Journey Through Our Dysfunctional Fishing Industry, Granville Island Publishing, 2002

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Dead Fish and Fat Cats (Granville Island $19.95)

They used to sing ‘Where have all the flowers gone?’ Now Eric Wickham is singing ‘Where have all the salmon gone?’ He’s from Bamfield. A fishboat captain. His memoir is an exposé of what has gone wrong with our dysfunctional coastal fishing industry. David Suzuki wrote the foreword. Dead Fish and Fat Cats (Granville Island $19.95) has lots of funny bits. That way you can keep going through the stuff about fish farm and DFO guys. DFO always sounds like UFO to me. “For decades, I struggled against the DFO in politically correct ways,” he says, “through committees and fishermen’s groups… Every major fishery the DFO ever managed has collapsed.” Wickham lives in Australia now but he’s partners with a younger guy, Bobby Fraumeni, who puts up with the 18-hour days. 1-894694-18-X (2003)

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