MCPHERSON, Christopher

Author Tags: Fiction

As a carpenter living in Victoria, McPherson, born in 1952, published his first collection of fiction, Everything but the Truth (Arsenal Pulp, 1996) in which some of the stories were drawn from his experiences managing a youth hostel for two years. His next collection of fiction was Dragon (Ekstasis, 1998), followed by Bone Island (Ekstasis, 2003).

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Bone Island (Ekstasis $19.95)

When reclusive novelist Homer Knee turns up dead, the manuscript of his last novel is missing. His son Larry discovers the manuscript and its secret leads him on a journey where he encounters a beautiful but dangerous lawyer, a paranoid cross-dressing private eye, a cynical tattoo artist and a saintly illiterate bee keeper. The mystery revolves around Homer, who in death assumes the significance of both Homer Simpson and Homer the blind poet of antiquity. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. McPherson lives in Victoria. 1-894800-13-3

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