RUSSELL, Lawrence

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Born in 1941, electric guitarist and playwright Lawrence Russell was director of Creative Writing at the University of Victoria in the early 1970s.

Russell has won the CBC Literary Award for radio drama in both 1983 and 1985, and was nominated for the Prix Futura (Berlin Festival) in 1986 and 1988. His radio plays Camouflage (1971), Geometry & Dream (1972), Blackout (1973), She Rows Me Beautifully (1978), Ride On (1986), The Golden Triangle (1982), Winter Surf (1983), Possession (1984), Snow-Shadow Area (1984), A Question of Re-Entry (1986), The Dead Astronaut (1986), Song of the Magreb (1987), Train (1989) and Fingal's Cave (1992). They have been performed on several Canadian and American networks. His stage plays have also been performed by Canadian university and professional theatres, and in the U.K. His first work of fiction, Repeat This and You're Dead, was published by Beach Holme in 1995. An experimentalist, he was once working on a piece called The Sudden Appearance of Hamburger in Greenland, described as a romantic work about 'the power of meat'.


Penetration (Sono Nis, 1971). Plays.
Mystery of the Pig Killer's Daughter (4 plays)
Angst World, (1975)
The 25th Hour (1980)
Repeat This and You're Dead (Beach Holme, 1995). Fiction.

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Repeat This and You're Dead
Press Release

These are the stories of untamed bullies, hapless farmers, unsteady veterans, greedy nephews, stuffy uncles, grubby urchins, haunted scavengers, ruthless money grubbers, clumsy terrorists, disenchanted lovers, desperate mothers, estranged sons and exiled eccentrics of every stripe--tales of the outcast and outraged. Russell's style recalls the influences of Irish forefathers--the precision of Joyce, the absurdity of Beckett, and the mysticism of Yeats. Russell's Ireland is not only fist fights and fanaticism, it is also the unimagined peace which occasionally resides in the hearts of the hopeful.

5.5 X 8.5 Trade paperback 96 pp ISBN 0-88878-363-9 $12.95 CDN $8.95 US