University of Victoria instructor and co-author of Reluctant Readers: Connecting Students and Books for Successful Reading (Pembroke, 1999) and Info-Kids: How to use nonfiction to turn reluctant readers into enthusiastic learners (Pembroke, 2002), both with Ron Jobe.

[BCBW 2004]

Co-editor of:

Connections Ū96. U of Victoria, 1996. Mary and Carole Miller

Reluctant Readers (Pembroke, $14.95)

Reluctant Readers, subtitled ĎConnecting students and books for successful reading experiencesí (Pembroke, $14.95), is a joint project between Jobe and University of Victoria professor Mary Dayton-Sakari. It provides a variety of strategies, activities and techniques for turning non-readers, from grades three to six, into enthusiastic book-lovers.
Reluctant readers, the educators believe, avoid the fear of failure by denying a need to read. They identify several recognizable categories the kids fall into, based on what the kids believe about themselves -- I canít; I donít know how, I donít care -- and the best resources and strategies to counter those beliefs. Dozens of annotated lists of suggested reading and a bibliography of more than 1000 titles are included. 1-55138-106-0