HARRIS, Marjorie G.

Author of the self-published travel books Memories of the Moorish World, and Beyond, Memories of a Detour to Turkey and Memories of South Pacific Islands and an African Safari.

[BCBW 2004]

Memories of the Moorish World and Beyond (Trafford $19.95)

Milton did it. So did Quaker novelist Hubert Evans. And so has the Marjorie G. Harris.

They all overcame blindness to write books late in life.

Harris bought her first computer at age 89óand took a year to memorize the keyboard.

Undeterred, the blind Kerrisdale self-publisher has found a packager on the internet for Memories of the Moorish World and Beyond (Trafford $19.95).
Itís a memoir of a round-the-world trip she made in 1969 and itís available from Hager Books in Vancouver.

At 92, Harris is planning on making four more books. 604-264-9456; 1-55212419-3