CALNE, Donald B.

Director of the Neurodegenerative Disorders Centre at Vancouver Hospital and professor of neurology at the University of British Columbia, Calne wrote Within Reason (Pantheon Books, 1999). He argues that reason is a product of biology, improving how we do things, but not why.

[BCBW 2003]

Within Reason: Rationality and Human Behaviour (Random $39)

Complete with a chapter on Commerce (“Alle thinges obeyen to moneye”—Chaucer), Within Reason: Rationality and Human Behaviour (Random $39) by UBC’s Donald Calne, the director of Neurodegenerative Disorders Centre at VGH, examines the evolutionary origins, biological basis and limits of rational thought. He argues that modern disenchantment with reason is the result of the failure of quixotic hopes vested in it. 0-375-40351-5