ZAGWYN, Deborah Turney

Author Tags: Art, Kidlit & Young Adult

Deborah Turney Zagwyn is a children's author and illustrator who lives in Harrison Hot Springs. She studied fine arts at Langara College and Fraser Valley College in Abbotsford. With her background as a printmaker, weaver and wall muralist, she wrote The Pumpkin Blanket, about a child born to a remote farming couple who received a protective blanket from the wind. Her previous title is Mood Pocket, Mud Bucket and she provided illustrations for A Winter's Yarn.

[BCBW 1992] "Art" "Kidlit"

Turtle Spring (Tricycle Press $15.95)

Gap-toothed Clee, introduced in Deborah Turney Zagwyn’s The Pumpkin Blanket, reappears in Turtle Spring (Tricycle Press $15.95).
Summer brings a new baby brother and a big, green-eyed turtle. Fall brings the loss of the turtle, found stone cold, forgotten in the garden. Winter is cold and crisp. Clee shows her brother how to breathe on the frosty windows.
Then comes April snowdrops—and a big green turtle. He’d only been hibernating, safe in the warmth of the compost where Clee had buried him. 1-883672-53-8