ZHAO, Yuezhi

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An Associate Professor of Communications at Simon Fraser University, Yuehi Zhao wrote Media, Market, and Democracy in China: Between the Party Line and the Bottom Line (University of Illinois Press, 1998) and he co-wrote Sustaining Democracy?: Journalism and the Politics of Objectivity (Garamond, 1997).

As SFU’s Canada Research Chair, Yuezhi Zhao was one of more than 100 SFU-related authors feted by SFU Library in 2012 for his 2011 book Communication and Society: Political Economic and Cultural Analysis (Chuanbo yu shehui: Zhengzhi jingji yu wenhua fenxi) published by Communication University of China Press in Beijing.

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Sustaining Democracy? (Garamond $24.95)

As the movie Wag the Dog tried to emphasize, the relationship between journalism and democracy in North America can be corrupted to extreme degrees. SFU’s Robert Hackett and Yuezhi Zhao evaluate the ‘regime of objectivity’, the role of alternate media and challenges arising from technological changes in Sustaining Democracy? (Garamond $24.95). 1-55193-013-7