Journey (MCF Books $15.95)

A ‘recovering human being’, Randy Thompson still vividly recalls the night he left his on-air job at CHWK in Chilliwack, desperate for another drink. Driving home at 2 a.m., his water pump broke but he was able to coast to the only rest stop on the freeway.

An older gentleman named Harvey stopped and understood the problem immediately. The good Samaritan was a former alcoholic. He told Randy he was lucky—as a young man he could still change. “And WHAM!!!!” says Thompson. “It was just like someone turned on the light.”

That was July 6, 1986. The burly Thompson hasn’t had a drink since. He also quit smoking pot on March 6, 1989. Since then he has attended sessions for the adult children of alcoholics; he has participated in Native healing circles and Sweat Lodges; he has renewed his marriage vows three times; he’s operated his own garlic farm; he has frequently appeared in movies (often as a biker); and he’s written and illustrated A Journey (MCF Books $15.95), a non-doctrinaire memoir that’s dedicated to his deceased father, brother and son. It’s subtitled ‘Serious Thoughts About the Search for Life Before Death.’

“My heart and admiration goes out to anyone who is battling addiction and wants to improve themselves,” he says. The garlic farmer’s chronicle of recovery is not sappy, condescending or self-glorifying; Journey is a redemptive mirror for all those who find themselves stuck on the side of the road.

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