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Born March 30, 1938 in Slocan Park, B.C., cowboy Poet, entertainer Jake Conkin is the author of children’s books. He has recently lived Vernon and Nelson, before moving to Castlegar. His books are based on his experiences riding with the buckaroos on the Douglas Lake Cattle Company in the Nicola Valley, outside Merritt. His stories were optioned by Monkey Ink Media Inc./producers for development with APTN (Aboriginal People's Television Network).


Silk ‘n’ Silver (Buckaroo Jake Productions, 1991)

Little Jake’s Cowdog (Buckaroo Jake Productions, 1999).

Little Jake & Many Skies Strike Gold (Buckaroo Jake Productions)

Little Jake & The Intruder (Buckaroo Jake Productions)

Little Jake's Cowdog (Buckaroo Jake Productions)

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Little Jake & the Intruder

Vernon’s Gerald “Jake” Conkin, a lifetime member of the Alberta Cowboy Poets Association, worked for both the Waldron Ranch in Alberta and The Douglas Lake Cattle Company. His “passion for the cowboy culture” triggered The Buckaroo Jake & Calico Carol Show – storytelling performances for kids – and the Little Jake series of western adventures. Little Jake, who left Vancouver for the Nicola Valley’s Double C Ranch, first appeared in Little Jake’s Cowdog. Now he’s back in Little Jake & the Intruder (Buckaroo Jake Productions $12.95), determined to become a real buckaroo. First there’s the challenge of training a coyote to be a “cowyote,” and then there’s the grizzly bear… Cartoon-style illustrations are by Ben Crane, who worked on ranches and farms in his early years and blames his family for a humorous twist that has become “permanently bent.” 0-9684444-1-5

--by Louise Donnelly

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