LOTT, Sheena

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Born in Glasgow, Scotland on June 11, 1950, she came to New Brunswick in 1958 and Vancouver in 1959. She has taught watercolour workshops and worked as a physiotherapist. She has a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Medicine from UBC (1973) and has lectured on cruise ships, including the Queen Elizabeth II. She is an illustrator based in Sidney, B.C. Her work has been exhibited in various galleries and she received a Science in Society Award for Salmon Forest.

BOOKS (Illustrator only)

Island Santa (Health Foundation 2012)
Salmon Forest (Greystone, 2003)
Singing the Dark (Orca, 2001)
How Sleep Found Tabitha (Fitzhenry & Whitesdie, 2000)
A Morning to Polish and Keep (Orca, 1992)
Jessie's Island (Red Deer College Press, 1992)
Moonsnail Song (Orca, 1994)
Going to the Fair (Orca, 1996)
Midnight in the Mountains (Orca, 1998)
Phoebe and the Gypsy (Orca, 1999)

[BCBW 2012] "Illustration"

Island Santa
Press Release (2012)

Born in Norway in 1916, Kaare Norgaard worked as a commercial first aid attendant in a Cowichan Valley logging camp as a younger man, and was responsible for the care of 30 families. He moved to Victoria in 1948 and began a long and successful career as a Fuller Brush salesman, eventually becoming the company’s western manager. After retiring, as a member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Kaare came up with the idea of turning his boat, the Blue Fjord, into a “Santa Boat.” Kaare piloted his floating sleigh to the remote coastal islands that surround Vancouver Island, bringing gifts to children. In 1991, Kaare established the Norgaard Foundation to, “help pick up those who have fallen through the cracks.” The Foundation supports children and seniors. Its recent $1 million donation to the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island for Jeneece Place is the single-largest in Norgaard’s history. Kaare Norgaard died in 2005.
The Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island is a registered charity that raises funds to support the well-being of children and youth in need on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. With roots dating back to 1922, the organization was previously known as the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children. To honour Norgaard, the foundation has published Island Santa (Health Foundation $19.95), a children’s book illustrated by Sheena Lott and written by Sheryl McFarlane to recall how Kaare Norgaard’s ship, the Blue Fjord, was transformed into a floating sleigh that delivered Christmas gifts to Gulf Islands children in need of holiday cheer. The story links the historical philanthropy of Kaare Norgaard to the current day philanthropy of Jeneece Edroff, who was the inspiration for Jeneece Place, a 10-bedroom home away from home. Operated and funded by Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, Jeneece Place provides a welcoming, safe, supportive and inexpensive environment for families who travel to Victoria for their child’s medical care.