SLADE, Arthur G.

The Loki Wolf (Orca $8.95)

Angela tries to tell herself the bad dreams are because she’s anxious about her upcoming trip with her grandfather and cousins. But once in Iceland, she becomes convinced the gigantic wolf of her nightmares is a warning. The Loki Wolf (Orca $8.95) follows Draugr and The Haunting of Drang Island in the Northern Frights series, all fueled by Arthur G. Slade’s passion for Norse mythology. 1-55143-145-9

[BCBW Summer 2000]


A 'literate teen horror' novel from Orca Book Publishers, Draugr by Arthur G. Slade, is a finalist in the Young Adult Fiction category for the 1998 Small Press Book Awards sponsored by Independent Publisher magazine in the States. Slade is no relation to Penguin horrormeister Michael Slade; it's the pseudonym used by two Vancouver criminal lawyers who have uncaged their latest thriller, Primal Scream.

[BCBW 1998]