Loriana: Forever My Sweetheart (Ptarmigan $18.95)

“Remember to tell your children you love them. You do not know if you will ever see them again. They are the greatest gift of your life.”

That’s advice from Gina Prenz of Courtenay. Having inexplicably lost her 16-year-old daughter in 1992, she has recounted her journey through grief to recovery in her memoir Loriana: Forever My Sweetheart (Ptarmigan $18.95).

When Loriana Milanovitch was found dead in the bathroom on a school morning, her sudden death baffled medical authorities. Her mother examines the deep anguish and mystery arising from her death after revisiting war-torn Croatia.

“I know there is a purpose for everything,” she says, “but to this day it is hard for me to find a reason for her death. Finally, seeing this book published, is the assurance I have needed that Loriana’s memory will be kept alive.

“I am praying that reading and hearing about my experience will be of benefit to others going through the terrible experience of losing a child.” 0-919537-49-9