FRAMST, Louise Susy

Author Tags: Aboriginal Authors, Cookbook, Kidlit & Young Adult, Local History

Louise S. Framst of the Tahltan First Nation was born on May 29, 1944, in Lower Post, B.C., and raised in northern B.C. where she lives on a farm at Cecil Lake with her husband. With her B. Ed. (5-Year) in History and Special Education from UBC, Framst has experience as a teacher in a multi-grade rural school, a librarian and a learning assistant teacher.

Prior to her retirement, she served as an itinerant teacher facilitating programs for children with special needs. Framst has also edited a community project entitled A Community Tells Its Story: Cecil Lake 1925-2000 (2000), and self-published three Tahltan cookbooks and a series of children’s titles including On My Walk (2001), Manny’s Many Questions (1992) and Kelly’s Garden (1992). Other Framst titles include Feathers (2004) and But I Cleaned My Room Last Year! (2002).

“The reason that I chose to become my own publisher,” she says, “is that it was important to me to have my own interpretation put on stories that I chose to publish. It seemed to me that if others edited my work, then somehow what was important to me might be ‘lost’ or misinterpreted.”


On My Walk (Louise Framst Books, 1991)
Manny’s Many Questions (Louise Framst Books, 1992)
Kelly’s Garden (Louise Framst Books, 1992)
A Tahltan Cookbook, Vol. 1 Grace and George Edzerza Family (Louise Framst Books, 1994)
A Tahltan Cookbook, Vol. 2: More than 88 Ways to Prepare Salmon (Louise Framst Books, 1996)
A Tahltan Cookbook, Vol. 3: Campfire Cooking (Louise Framst Books, 1997)
(editor) A Community Tells Its Story: Cecil Lake 1925-2000 (Cecil Lake: Nor'Pioneer Women's Institute, 2000)
But I Cleaned My Room Last Year! How to clean your bedroom (Louise Framst Books, 2002)
Feathers (Louise Framst Books, 2004)

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