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Terry Watada's Daruma Days (Ronsdale $14.95) is a collection of linked short stories exploring life in the internment camps of World War II in the B.C. interior. Watada recreates the life stories of the Issei (the first generation of immigrants) with Japanese tradition, haunted by the uncanny world of the supernatural. Into this world comes the Nisei (the second generation) who are caught between cultures and loyalties and who are neither fully Japanese nor Canadian.

Ten years later he released his novel Kuroshio (Arsenal $21.95), the name given to the tide that brought Japanese immigrants to North America, and again his subject is the Issei prior to World War II. Watada follows the fate of a woman who is brought to Vancouver to marry a man she has never seen. Escaping from her loveless marriage and poverty, she becomes embroiled in the underground gang of a ruthless crime boss.


Daruma Days (Ronsdale 1997)
Kuroshio - The Blood of Foxes (Arsenal Pulp 2007) 978-1-155152-233-3

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