WOOD, Beverley

DogStar (Polestar $8.95)

During the 1930s Patsy Ann was a deaf bull terrier in Alaska who inexplicably "heard" ships' whistles long before the vessels came into sight. She was always on hand to greet new arrivals. On the 50th anniversary of her death, in 1992, a bronze statue was erected at the waterfront, making Patsy Ann the eternal greeter of Juneau. DogStar (Polestar $8.95) by Beverley Wood and Chris Wood ties together Patsy Ann's life with the story of Jeff, a 13 year-old devastated by the death of his own dog in the 1990s.
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[BCBW 1997]


From their Vancouver artist’s loft, Beverley Wood, a former Maclean’s magazine operations manager, partner Chris Wood and Bull Terrior Cato, create the Sirius Mysteries where characters find themselves time-travelling back to 1930s Juneau, Alaska to Patsy Ann, a real-life, stone-deaf Bull Terrier who “heard” the whistles of ships long before they came into sight and trotted to the wharf to greet them when they docked. Patsy Ann lives on in a bronze statue of her likeness erected in 1992 on the Juneau waterfront on the fiftieth anniversary of her death and in the resurrected Dogstar (Polestar $12.95), first published in 1997, Jack’s Knife, and The Golden Boy, coming out next spring. Dogstar 1-55192-638-5;Jack’s 1-55192-709-8; Golden 1-55192-711-X
--Louise Donnelly

[BCBW 2004]