HOU, Charles

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Charles Hou, a retired educator, and Cynthia Hou have co-authored numerous books including The Riel Rebellion: A Biographical Approach; The Riel Rebellion: A Biographical Approach Teacher's Guide and The Art of Decoding Political Cartoons--plus two compendiums of archival Canadian cartoons. As a researcher he was largely responsible for When Strangers Meet: A Source Book for the Study of a Meeting Between Two Cultures (Center for Continuing Education and the Indian Education Resources Center, UBC, 1972).

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Great Canadian Political Cartoons, 1820 to 1914 (Moody's Lookout Press $39.95)

Looking for provocative learning materials, award-winning teacher Charles Hou and Cynthia Hou eventually compiled Great Canadian Political Cartoons (Moody's Lookout Press 1997 $39.95), an annotated collection of more than 330 political cartoons, both English and French, from the period 1820 to 1914. Approximately 12% are from B.C. Most of the cartoons have never been republished; many deal with social issues such as labour, women's rights, prohibition, poverty, racism and Quebec's role in Confederation. 0-9680016-1-0

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Great Canadian Political Cartoons 1915-1945 (Moody’s Lookout Press $39.95)

In 1915, The Grain Growers’ Guide in Winnipeg published a cartoon of Western Canadian beliefs that Eastern bankers profited by denying farmers access to lower interest rates. It is one of nearly 370 cartoons in Great Canadian Political Cartoons 1915-1945 (Moody’s Lookout Press $39.95) Edited by Charles and Cynthia Hou. 0-9680016-4-5

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Great Canadian Political Cartoons, 1946-1982 (Moody's Lookout Press $39.95)

In the third volume of their series on Canadian political cartoons, Charles and Cynthia Hou deliver a selection of drawings by some of the best cartoonists from the period 1946-1982. Unsurprisingly, many of the cartoons address issues that still colour Canadian politics today, including Aboriginal land disputes, big oil in Alberta, and even the everlasting debate on the decriminalization of marijuana.

Great Canadian Political Cartoons 1946-1982 (Moody's Lookout Press $39.95) 978-0-9680016-6-0

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