REEKIE, Jocelyn

Born the fifth of nine children, she joined the Regina Y.W.C.A's synchronized swim club and that was the beginning of a "career" in swimming that would last for more than 35 years. She tried writing her first novel at age 15, "a blistering romance that ended in flames (literally)." She graduated with a B.A. from the University of Regina in 1969 and has worked as a swim coach; copywriter for radio; journalist; Diversion and Community Service Program Worker for Young Offenders for the John Howard Society; storyteller; horseback riding instructor, and owner/operator of an animal boarding kennel.

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CITY/TOWN: Quadra Island, B.C.

DATE OF BIRTH: 17/11/47

PLACE OF BIRTH: Regina, Sask.

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Own/operate The Orchard Bed and Breakfast


The Week of the Horse (Raincoast, 2004)
Tess (Raincoast, 2002)
ShoreLines, Memoirs & Tales of the Discovery Islands - anthology (Editor and Publisher, Kingfisher, 1995)

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Tess (Raincoast $12.95)

Fascination with immigration to Vancouver Island, in particular women arriving in Fort Victoria, led Quadra Island storyteller Jocelyn Reekie to write Tess (Raincoast $12.95). Young Tess and her father, their Scottish home sold out from under them, endure a daunting ocean voyage to the rugged, dangerous and unknown New World of 1857. 1-55192-471-4

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