WYSE, David

Author Tags: Anthropology, First Nations

With Simon Nankivell, he wrote Exploring B.C. Pictographs: A Guide to Native Rock Art in the British Columbia Interior (Mussio Ventures Ltd. 2003), locating and visiting, sketching, measuring and photographing sites in the southern B.C. Interior. "The book is really a continuation of the pioneering work done by John Corner," said Simon Nankivell. "His work was the foundation of our book and we set about to update the information before time erased all record.". Although publishers contend they hope to honour, share and preserve a vital part of B.C. culture, there were some objections from First Nations people about the publication of the extensive fieldwork 'publicizing' the sites. Wyse lives in Lac Le Jeune as a retired teacher who serves as an educational consultant for the Kamloops Blazers hockey team.

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Exploring B.C.s Pictographs Mussio Ventures)

Expanding upon the research of John Corner, Exploring B.C.s Pictographs Mussio Ventures) by Simon Nankivell of Penticton and David Wyse of Lac Le Jeune is an extensive guide to Native rock art in the B.C. Interior only, providing locations, sketches, measurement and photos.

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