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Susan Stewart was born in 1952. A Vancouver photographer, she collaborated with models Persimmon Blackbridge and Lizard Jones for an erotic, overtly lesbian, postcard art book, Drawing the Line, which evolved from an art show and a video. Forty photos of lesbian lovemaking 'extend the interactive nature' of the art show, with viewers' supportive and/or critical responses included on the back of the images. The trio share authorship as the 'Kiss and Tell' collective. They released a similar follow-up volume in 1994.

[BCBW 1992] "Photography"

Drawing the Line: Lesbian Sexual Politics on the Wall

DRAWING THE LINE IS A REFUSAL T0 BE shoved back into the closet," say the creators of Drawing the Line: Lesbian Sexual Politics on the Wall, (Press Gang $12.95). Newly released as a book, Drawing the Line is a series of provocative photos of models/lovers Persimmon Blackbridge and Lizard Jones, complete with viewers' candid comments from exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vancouver. The photos are by Susan Stewart. "For women, being 'nice girls' has often been a survival strategy," say the threesome, who collectively call themselves Kiss & Tell, "but that' safety' traps and silences us.”For lesbians, invisibility has been our safety and our trap. In the face of growing threats, we refuse to be invisible nice girls any more." 0-88974-030-5

[BCBW 1991] “Lesbians”