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Having had a runaway bestseller with The Ice Storm in 1998, editor/publisher Doug Gibson commissioned Kelowna Daily Courier reporters Don Plant and Ross Freake to produce a hardcover keepsake of this summer’s forest fires in B.C., Firestorm: The Summer B.C. Burned (M&S, 2003). The book sold so well they produced a follow-up entitled Stories from the Firestorm (M&S, 2004). Freake was born in Newfoundland and attended Humber College and York University. He is a former managing editor of The Daily Courier, Cambridge Reporter and Kamloops Sentinel.

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Firestorm: The Summer B.C. Burned (M&S $39.99)

50,000 people evacuated. 334 homes destroyed. 5,700 firefighters working alongside 2,000 soldiers. More private B.C. property lost than ever before. With 160 colour photographs and a foreword by Premier Gordon Campbell, Firestorm: The Summer B.C. Burned (M&S $39.99) mostly allows pictures to tell the story of the unprecedented devastation wrought by last summer’s fires in the B.C. interior—but there are some odd details. Returnees were instructed by health officials to discard their taped-shut fridges rather than re-open them, for fear of spreading molds. Whereas media coverage of the fires was Kelowna-centric, concentrating on folks who were losing swimming pools, this book has a section for Kamloops and another for other fronts. It’s compiled and edited by freelancer Ross Freake and Kelowna reporter Don Plant. 0-7710-4772-X

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