INNES, John L.

UBC co-editor of Biomass Burning and its Inter-relationships with the Climate System, with Martin Beniston and Michel M. Verstraete (Kluwer Academic Publishers). Co-editor of Forest Dynamics in Heavily Polluted Regions, with J. Oleksyn (CABI, 1999). Co-editor, with Abu Haron, of Air pollution and the forests of developing and rapidly industrializing regions: report no. 4 of the IUFRO Task Force on Environmental Change. Oxon, CABI, 2000. Editor of The Impact of Carbon Dioxide and Other Greenhouse Gases on Forest Ecosystems (New York: CABI, 2001). Co-author of Ozone and Broadleaved Species: A Guide to the Identification of Ozone-induced Foliar Injury (Berne: Haupt, 2001). International perspectives on streamlining local-level information for sustainable forest management (Victoria: Pacific Forestry Centre, 2004).

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