SANDER, Heather

Author Tags: Kidlit & Young Adult

Fantasy and SF fan Heather Sander is an elementary school counselor in Victoria who started writing stories for her children and hasn't stopped. "I haunted the public library as a child," she says, "and I still read children's books every chance I get." In volume one of her Robbie Packford series, Robbie saves the planet Kerbosky from its own robots. In the follow-up, Make Mine with Everything, he rescues the people of Kerbosky from pizza addiction and the evil Drabblova. In volume three, blob-like creatures from a distant galaxy invade the bodies of Kerboskians, but a winged monster named Cuddles flies to the rescue.

Selected Titles:

Make Mine with Everything: Volume Two, Robbie Packford Series (Orca, 2004)
Robbie Packford: Alien Monster (Orca, 2003) by Heather Sander 1-55143-259-5

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