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John Thomas Osborne, aka J.T. Osborne, was born in Baffin Island on June of 1949. He has illustrated various titles, including Mary Beth Knechtel's under-acknowledged The Goldfish That Exploded (Pulp Press, 1978) and Social Credit for Beginners: An Armchair Guide (Pulp Press, 1986), a text by Stephen Osborne about the development of the Social Credit movement since its origins in England in 1919. Tom Osborne is the younger brother of the publisher, editor and author Stephen Osborne.

J.T. Osborne is also the editor/author of Rough Beast Comix and several books of poetry including Under the Shadow of Thy Wings (1986), 9 Love Poems, The Reamer's Car Club Blues Band Story and Please Wait for Attendant to Open Gate.

Tom Osborne grew up in Kamloops and Vancouver, co-founded Pulp Press (now Arsenal Pulp) and now lives in Maple Ridge. His first novel Foozlers (Anvil Press, 2004) has been described as a 24-hour Odyssey (a la James Joyce's Ulysses) "that runs a juggernaut through the high- and lowlands of Vancouver." Disparate characters intersect paths with a gas station attendant and a very unusual car wash operator. Characters include junkies, unreliable cops, a reluctant groom, and mean-tempered cockatoo.

Tom Osborneís follow-up to Foozlers is another madcap romp through the Lower Mainland, Dead Man in the Orchestra Pit (Anvil $18), this one about three small-time crooks planning a major heist to coincide with a Grey Cup weekend and a Queen Elizabeth Theatre production of La Traviata.

Having taken the fall for her drug-dealing, sometime-boyfriend Jimmy Flood and his sidekick, Blacky Harbottle, Louella Debra Poule is doing an eighteen-month stint on a weapons charge at a minimum-security institution in Tom Osborneís Budge (Anvil 2012), set in the Fraser Valley. Itís described as another tale of madcap human folly about friendship, betrayal, addiction and rehabilitation. 978-1-897535-99-8


The Goldfish That Exploded (Pulp Press, 1978) Illustrator.
Social Credit for Beginners: An Armchair Guide (Pulp Press, 1986) Illustrator.
Under the Shadow of Thy Wings (1986)
Foozlers (Anvil, 2004)
Dead Man in the Orchestra Pit (Anvil, 2006) $18.00 978-1-895636 72-8
Budge (Anvil, 2012) $20 978-1-897535-99-8

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