JULIAN, Barbara S.

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S. Barbara Julian, M.L.S., C.H., is a writer, reviewer and bookseller in Victoria and a Certified Hypnotherapist who occasionally leads workshops in creative visualization and sacred ecology.

She is proprietor of Overleaf Books, contributor to Writers' Choice Reviews, editor of the monthly newsletter Animal Literature, and has written two plays that were performed in Victoria, B.C.

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Bookselling, former librarian


Childhood Pastorale: Children, Nature and the Preservation of Landscape (Ninshu Press, 2010) -- How nature deficit disorder relates to shrinking green space in residential areas; comparisons of childhood play in the elderly (gathered through a Memoirs Project) with children's recreation today. 114 pages, $15.00, 9780973390537

Poultry Pets in the Garden -- A discursive, illustrated how-to on integrating poultry into the garden ecology: taking control of your food sources, escaping the commercial cruelty and food contamination system, expanding your horticultural horizons, and enjoying a new companion animal.

Anima Mundi: Seeking God the Mother (Ninshu Press, 2003) -- Discussion of scientific Gaia Theory and ancient Great Mother mythology, relating these to research in Consciousness Studies, Evolutionary Biology and Chaos Theory. Includes creative visualization exerises as well as survey of research.


Meadows, Mounds and Meanders: Sacred Sites of Victoria (Ninshu Press, 2005) -- a collection of essays, poems and photos by eight contributors celebrating relatively unspoiled places around Victoria and musing on the meaning of "sacred" space, 62 pages, $9.95, 09733905 2 2

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