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Self-publisher Lloyd Jeck was born in McBride, British Columbia in 1931. He attended a one-room school. Growing up on the family farm and, at an early age, taking part in his father’s forestry activities, set a template for an active outdoor life. After forty-eight years in the McBride area, Lloyd began moving around Central B.C. with his wife Evelyn and growing children. In 1996, he retired from a position as Area Manager, Roads and Bridges, with the Ministry of Transportation and Highways. Other activities have included logging, sawmilling, land development, farming and tourism.

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Retired/ Marketing Used and New Books


In the Shadow of the Peaks: Rocky Mountain Tales (Oliver, B.C.: Majeck Publishing, 2000). ISBN 0 9686731 0 4

British Columbia Trails Heading North (Clearwater, B.C. Majeck Publishing, 2011)

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British Columbia Trails Heading North.
Press Release (2011)

If, during your explorations of back-country British Columbia, you notice an aged man sporting grey whiskers and gripping a walking stick as he strides quickly along, it may be Lloyd Jeck. Lloyd has just completed writing his second book British Columbia Trails Heading North. The 261 page book will be released, through various retail outlets, in September 2011 and a web-site is being created.

Why would a retired man, who may be older than many of the trees that he leans against, decide to devote two years of his time to writing a book? Lloyd explains it this way: “Two years ago, a northern friend sang me a song about a young miner who frequented the Omineca gold fields in the 1870s. This miner, Hugh Gillis by name, was born in Prince Edward Island in 1835. The song cut deep and left unanswered questions. I could not resist the challenge of trying to find the answers.” The intriguing Gillis story stands along-side the absorbing adventures of Frank Sylvester, Arnt Arntzen, John Freemont Smith and Ben Snipes. All have been diligently researched and colourfully written about. The shadows of these men once darkened pathways in Norway, U.S.S.R., Jamaica, Panama and the breadth of North America. To fulfill the book’s theme of “then and now” it includes a handful of segments that portray current scenes and adventuring. A selection of story-related images is included, as well as Endnotes and an Index.

Readers of British Columbia Trails Heading North will be rewarded with personal detail of the pioneers written about. Where they were born – what their early life was like – how did they get to this country – these are details that identify the person and shape the story. The more recent adventuring, by the author, brings forth some peculiar characteristics of the environment around us and provides a glimpse of pure solitude.

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