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Co-founder and co-editor of a writing anthology for Canadian high school students and young adult writers called The Claremont Review, Bill Stenson of Victoria, born in Nelson, B.C., released his own collection of 18 stories entitled Translating Women (Thistledown, $18.95 2004). Fifteen of the stories were previously published in various periodicals. "Not every man would find Muriel a real looker,” he writes in his title story. “That’s where the power of translation comes in. Muriel’s not the kind of woman you approach aesthetically straight on. It’s the way she flips her hair, the turn of her cheek, the pause she’s perfected before important sentences."

It was followed by a novel, Svoboda, about the complexities of living within the Doukhobor culture of British Columbia during its turbulence of the 1950s, '60s and '70s when some factions of the sect gained notoriety in the headlines for civil disobedience, and the majority of Doukhobors were widely and unfairly mistaken as radicals as a result.

Hanne and Her Brother (Thistledown 2016) is Bill Stenson's novel about Hanne Lemmon who, at age sixteen, moves beyond her isolated, home-schooled life in the Cowichan Valley with a protective father to seek independence and love within the very different landscape of Eastend, Saskatchewan.

DATE OF BIRTH: February 28, 1949



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Naming the Baby
Info (2007)

In 1991 Terence Young of Victoria convinced renegade high school principal John Pringle to let him teach a new Writing 12 class. After Young showed his colleague Bill Stenson some of the work they produced, Stenson became the driving force behind The Claremont Review, a periodical specifically create to publish neophytes across Canada and the U.S. Some thirty issues later, Young, Stenson, Susan Stenson and Janice McCachen have edited a celebratory teen literature anthology, Naming the Baby: The Best of the Claremont Review (Orca $19.95). 978-1-55143-772-9