INWOOD, Damian

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Born in London, England in 1950, Damion Inwood co-wrote The Olson Murders with fellow ex-Brit journalist, Jon Ferry, born in Wiltshire, England in 1947. Both were journalists who had delved into the grisly details of mass murderer Clifford Olson's crimes as reporters for The Province. Their straightforward reporting for Cameo Books of Langley was obscured by a controversial paperback cover that gave the appearance of blood dripping down white lettering. (See also Ian Mulgrew's Final Payoff.) Inwood later wrote Fort Steele: The Golden Era.

Author of:

Fort Steele, the Golden Era. Sunfire Publications, 1986.
The Olson Murders (Cameo Books, 1982)

Edited Echoes Across the Inlet. By Dawn Sparks and Martha Border. Deep Cove and Area Heritage Association, 1989.

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