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Naturalist and veteran birder Bruce Whittington contributed a column called Island Birds to the Victoria Times-Colonist for ten years. Illustrated by Loucas Raptis, his Seasons with Birds (Touchwood, 2004) is a collection of essays about birds and birding. The geograpic centre of the book is the Georgia Basin. "I am not an ornithologist or biologist, not a scientist of any sort," he makes clear. As a birding enthusiast, he takes the reader through the four seasons to celebrate the nearly 500 species of birds of B.C.

Whittington next self-published Wildlife Watch on an Alaska Cruise (Stray Feathers Press, 2007), a guide to the natural wonders to watch for on an Alaska cruise. His follow-up title What's That Island? (Stray Feather Press, 2010) is a guide to the landmarks, and natural and cultural history, encountered on the 90-minute ferry crossing between Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay.

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