WALKEM, Ardith

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As lawyer who has explored the use of Indigenous Peoples' oral traditions as evidence in Canadian courts, Ardith Walkem co-edited Box of Treasures or Empty Box? Twenty Years of Section 35 (2003), an investigation of the constitutionalization of Aboriginal Title and Rights. Also named Wel-pet'ko We-Dalks, she is a Nlaka'pamux from Spences Bridge.


Box of Treasures or Empty Box? Twenty Years of Section 35 (Theytus, 2003). Edited by Halie Bruce and Ardith Walkem.

[BCBW 2005]

Box of Treasures
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Twenty years ago Aboriginal and Treaty Rights were included in Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. They provided the basis for recognition of the unique status of Indigenous Peoples within Canada. Four First Ministers Conferences on Aboriginal constitutional matters failed to produce any substantial agreement between Indigenous Peoples and Canada. The precise meaning and content of Section 35 has remained unclear. As a result, Section 35 has been largely defined through a series of court cases. Different visions of the possibilities and limitations of Section 35 are portrayed in this important collection. Contributors include Halie Bruce, Arthur Manuel, Louise Mandell, Mark Stevenson, Catherine Bell, Robert Paterson, Ian Waddell, Lee Maracle, John Borrows, Millie Poplar, James Tully, Douglas Harris, Cheryl Knockwood, June McCue and Ardith Walkem. -- Theytus Books