WOODS, Emily H.

Author Tags: Illustration

At age 69, having suffered a stroke, Emily Carr began work on 21 vignettes about wildflowers, partly as a tonic while bedridden. These were left in an old trunk of writing and sketchbooks, bequeathed to Ira Dilworth, who published much of the contents. Carr's jottings about flowers, however, have remained out of the public eye until the publication of Wild Flowers (Royal BC Museum, 2006), accompanied by illustrations of wild plants by one of her drawing instructors, Emily Henrietta Woods (1852-1916). Born in Ireland, Woods arrived in Victoria in 1865 at age 13. Mentioned by Emily Carr in her memoir, The Book of Small, Woods taught pupils at Mrs. Cridge's School for Girls and an Anglican girls school, Angela College, including Emily Carr. Woods' main work as an artist was her series of more than 200 life-size watercolour illustrations of wild flowers. Some of these were reduced in size to accompany Carr's text. Woods' artwork and Carr's manuscripts are held by the British Columbia Archives. 0-7726-5453-0

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