WALKER, Shirley

Shirley Walker was born no June 9, 1932. She grew up in Trail, British Columbia and attended the University of British Columbia. She worked as a public health nurse, travelled widely, and pursued interests in photography and gardening. As a retirement project, Shirley Walker spent 14 years researching From Sailing Ships to Spitfires, a family history that explores the world and the experiences of the Rosseland family when they emigrated from Norway to the United States, and then to Canada early in the 20th century. In spite of the sadness associated with personal tragedies, the frustration of relentless setbacks, and the unending hard work, this family didn't just give up when they met obstacles. They kept trying something new to make their plans work. Shirley Walker lives in Mission, British Columbia, with her husband, Bill.

BOOKS: From Sailing Ships to Spitfires (Borealis Press, 2006)

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