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For 22 years, Neil Jennings was the co-owner of Country Pleasures, a fly-fishing retailer in Calgary. His book on fly fishing is Behind the Counter (Rocky Mountain Books). Combining botany and photography, outdoorsman and hiker Neil Jennings has produced:


Coastal Beauty: Wildflowers and Flowering Shrubs of Coastal British Columbia and Vancouver Island (Rocky Mountain Books, 2008)

Central Beauty: Wildflowers and Flowering Shrubs of the Southern Interior of British Columbia (Rocky Mountain Books).

Uncommon Beauty: Wildflowers and Flowering Shrubs of Southern Alberta and Southeastern British Columbia (Rocky Mountain Books).

Alpine Beauty: Alpine and Subalpine Wildflowers of the Canadian Rockies and the Columbia Mountains (RMB, 2007)

Prairie Beauty: Wildflowers of the Canadian Prairies (RMB, 2007).

Behind the Counter: Fly-Fishing Tips, Techniques and Shortcuts (Rocky Mountain Books, 2007) $24.95 978-1-894765-92-3

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