WILMOTT, Norah Mannion

Author Tags: Cookbook, Publishing

The largest publishing house in Western Canada partially owes its origins to a little-known, 86-year-old author named Norah Mannion Wilmott (1885-1972) whose Cooking for One (J.J. Douglas, 1971) was the first original title published by book salesman Jim Douglas. Including sketches by the author, whose full name was Nora Mannion Wilmott, this collection of recipes was launched at a site provided by the author, and she also catered the gathering. Eventually J.J. Douglas of West Vancouver grew into Douglas & McIntyre, operated by Jim Douglas and Scott McIntyre, also a former sales rep. "That little book was their keel," wrote Sun columnist Denny Boyd. "It went into 13 printings and sold 50,000 copies." Also in 1971, J.J. Douglas republished a version of British Columbia Coast Names, by John T. Walbran, a book that first appeared in 1909.

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