Jessica Morrison's (real name: Jessica Raya) first novel The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club (Warner/5 Spot $16.50) was published in 2007.

The most important bits about Jessica Morrison's life so far:

I was born in 1971 in Quebec, becoming the only originally Canadian person in my family as far as we know. I am also the only blonde. I come from a short line of brown-haired Americans. These two discrepancies made my older sister's claim that they'd found me in a garbage can disturbingly easy to believe.

I was painfully shy until I was 17, though no one knew it.

In my first years at college, you couldn't pay me to take an English class, but I couldn't graduate without one, as the administration continually reminded me. So I took a creative writing course. That was the beginning of an inkling of knowing what I was to be when I grew up. Of course, I later found out that creative writing didn't count toward the requirement. (I've never been very detail oriented.) Eventually, I gave in and took a literature class, where I discovered that English majors didn't have to read textbooks. I ended up graduating with a BA in English Literature.

After graduation, I immediately sent in my application for the Masters program because I had also discovered that I loved reading, and because I would do anything to prolong entry into the real world and, thus, my growing up. Sadly the real world is very patient and was waiting for me when I finally finished my studies at 27. Luckily, the creative writing bug is very patient too. Five years after that, I sat down and began writing my first novel, The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club.

I got married at 22 and divorced at 28, the only true casualty being my parents' hope that I will ever settle down. Why is it called that anyway? "Settle down" is what you say to loud, rowdy four-year olds to get them to stop having fun. Oh, please, sign me up for a lifetime of that.

Like the main character in The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club, I spent several, shall I say enlightening, months in Buenos Aires. This was back in 2003 so please don't contact me to tell me that something I wrote about isn't there anymore. One thing that won't change: It is an amazing place. It had me, in this exact order, terrified, content, bored, charmed, captivated and desperately sad to leave. You should go. Soon. Seriously, book your ticket now.

I have had a great love, the kind of love that makes every cell in your body wake up and say "Oooh, now I get it!"

I have changed my hair color more times than Sarah Jessica Parker. There should be a Pulitzer prize for that.

-- from Hachette Book Group publishers website