ZRYMIAK, Michael

Author Tags: Fiction

Surrey-based Michael Zrymiak has been a pilot for Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Governors General and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He has recalled his youth near Hubbard, Saskatchewan, about 100 miles northeast of Regina, during the 1940s and 1950s, where he attended the two-room Hard Rock School. His Ukrainian father, from southeast Poland, had served as a conscript in the Austro-Hungarian army; his mother was from Sokal, a small city north of Lviv, under Polish rule.

According to promotional materials, "Michael Zrymiak is a Saskatchewan native son. He earned his RCAF pilot wings in 1955, when he began an interesting three and a half decade air force career during the Cold War era. Highlights included flying with the VIP transport squadron in Ottawa, as a pilot for Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and dignitaries such as Pierre E. Trudeau. He attended National Defense College and in 1985 was selected as the base commander of Canadian Forces Base Edmonton. He retired in 1987 and transferred to the Air Reserve to serve another four years representing British Columbia interests."

What would happen if Canada had nuclear weapons? and the Americans didn't like it? Would we become as estranged as India and Pakistan? Michael Zrymiak's techno-thriller Nukes on the 49th (Libros Libertad $23) envisions the CIA working with anti-nuclear supporters in Canada. How long would it take before American paranoia led to the overthrow of Canada? 978-1-926763-05-7



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