JOHNSON, Genevieve Fuji

Author Tags: Environment, Politics

Genevieve Fuji Johnson, as an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at Simon Fraser University, has produced:


Race, Racialism and Antiracism in Canada and Beyond - co-edited with Randy Enomoto (U. of Toronto 2007) $40.95 9780802080141

Deliberative Democracy for the Future: The Case of Nuclear Waste Management in Canada (U. of Toronto 2008) $26.95 9780802096074

Nuclear Waste Management in Canada: Critical Issues, Critical Perspectives - co-edited with Darrin Durant (UBC 2010) $32.95 9780774817097

Political Responsibility Refocused: Thinking Justice after Iris Marion Young - co-edited with Loralea Michaelis (U. of Toronto 2013) $24.95 9781442614420

Democratic Illusion: Deliberate Democracy in Canadian Public Policy (UTP 2015). $24.95 978-1-4426-2426-9

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