Author Tags: Kidlit & Young Adult

Born in 1959, Kamloops-raised Wendy Phillips has been a journalist, bookbinder, English teacher and high school teacher-librarian. With degrees in English, Education, Journalism and Children's literature, she has lived in Ottawa, Lesotho, South Africa and Australia. Her young adult novel Fishtailing (Coteau 2010) won the 2010 Governor General's Award for children's text in English. According to the jury, “Fishtailing is the story of four teenagers, four lives intertwined in the complex world of relationships and power struggles. In passionate poetic language that both chills and caresses, Wendy Phillips breathes life into these unforgettable characters whose stories offer insight, warning and endless possibilities. This compellingly-crafted poem is impossible to put down."

[BCBW 2010]